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Aiera & Virtua Partner to Bridge the Gap Between Qualitative Event Data and Quantitative Financial Data

Partnership to Be Unveiled at the 2022 NIRI Conference in Boston.


Aiera, the leading financial event access & search platform, and Virtua Research, the leading market & financial intelligence platform for Investor Relations professionals, are announcing a partnership to create an extensive offering of both quantitative and qualitative competitive intelligence, serving Investor Relations professionals and corporate strategists. The comprehensive platform will be unveiled at the 2022 NIRI Conference in Boston, MA (June 5-7, 2022).

This partnership marries Aiera’s event-driven intelligence with Virtua’s structured benchmarking approach and applies it to internal metrics, sell-side analysts’ consensus estimates, and competitive peer benchmarking financial and operating data.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with the team at Aiera,” says Andy Detwiler, CEO of Virtua. “The integration of Aiera’s event transcription with Virtua’s extensive proprietary data sets combines the qualitative with the quantitative, providing an intelligence capability unmatched by any platform we are aware of today.”

NIRI Conference attendees will be the first to experience this co-offering, seeing Aiera’s event data and transcripts alongside Virtua’s comprehensive datasets and reports - all with turnkey interoperability between the two systems. Aiera will be located at booth 19, and Virtua will be located at booth 26.

“We are thrilled to be joining Virtua at NIRI to share the benefits of our partnership with conference attendees. IROs need timely transcripts and alerting in order to perform their jobs at the highest level,” says Chad Doerge, President & CRO of Aiera. “By delivering this in concert with the structured company-specific Virtua dashboard, we are able to provide maximum visibility for important KPIs in the context of management and analyst commentary.”

About Aiera:
Aiera is the only live event monitoring & financial search platform covering all available Wall Street events, providing real-time transcription, one-click audio, DVR-style live audio controls, smart document search, dynamic alerts, and seamless team collaboration via bookmarks and note-taking. Aiera covers over 40,000 earnings calls, investor events, and conferences annually (with a 95%+ live connection rate), spanning more than 10,000 global equities; all accessible via desktop, mobile app, API, and iFrame. To learn more, please visit aiera.com.

About Virtua:
Virtua is a financial services technology company focused on providing platform-based analytical tools and services specifically tailored to the market and competitive intelligence needs of publicly traded issuers. The service offers the only cloud-based, collaborative analytics and reporting solution dedicated to providing curated, consensus, and peer data that is easily integrated and customized to the various workflow and internal modeling needs of the enterprise. Virtua’s strong commitment to both quality and customer service has resulted in it being a trusted partner to many of the world’s most innovative and leading companies. To learn more, please visit virtuaresearch.com.